Filters & Pumps

The heart of every swimming pool is a high-quality filter system. To set the optimal swimming pool, is a careful selection of pumps and filter technology important.

Product overview

  • Filterset MIDA.Deluxe and MIDA.Splitted (Side Mount)
  • Filterset
    – Hose Connection
    – Fixed Piping
  • Filter
    – MIDA.Carbon
    – MIDA.Split
    – Depth Filters
    – Star Serie
    – DIN Serie
  • Filter Media
  • Pumps
    – Frequency Controlled Pumps
    – Self Priming Pumps
    – Bronze Pumps
Filter MIDA.Carbon
Filter MIDA.Split
Filter Star Serie
Frequency controlled filter pump Speck BADU Prime Eco VS, self priming
Jet Swim Unit Model 2000
Bronze Pool Pump