With the high quality moldings from PVC-U are easily complete piping of swimming pools realized. The various components are coordinated and therefore fit together perfectly.

Product overview

  • MIDA.Flo Rotary Disc Valves, MIDAS 3-ways Ball Valve
  • 3-way Rotary Disc Valve electric PVC-U, Equipment for Solar
  • MIDAS 2-way Ball Valves PVC-U, Butterfly Valves PVC-U
  • MIDAS Check Valves PVC-U, Check Valves
  • PVC-U Assortment
  • Flanges PVC-U, Sealings
  • PVC Flexible Hose, PP Pipe Clamps
  • Pipes PN 10 / PN 16 PVC-U
  • MIDA.Fix 3000 glue
  • Glue UNI-100, Glue WDF-05, Cleaner
MIDA.Flo 3-Ways Valve
MIDAS Check Valves PVC-U
Elbow 90° PVC-U
Griffon WDF-05
PVC Flexible Hose