3rd MIDAS Technical Workshop

Fulda, 1. Dezember 2017

More than 100 guests from Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy and Russia accepted our invitation to inform themselves on 1st December 2017 in Fulda about new products and trends for the upcoming pool season. Specialist information and personal discussions were central concerns of the Technical Workshop. The perfect setting was provided by the 3G Kompetenzzentrum with its directly adjacent hotel.

After the welcome, the lectures took place as usual:

  • Sales Manager Marco Schneider and Jürgen Schlattner from MIDAS reported on the MIDA.Boost inverter heat pump, how it works, how to determine the heat requirement for correct and suitable heat pump design and the energy efficiency of MIDA.Boost.
    “With inverter technology, the pool season will be extended,” says Jürgen Schlattner. Furthermore, Marco Scheider informed about the first workshops taking place at MIDAS in February 2018 on heat pumps, measuring and control technology and salt electrolysis.
  • Sales Manager Christoph Ott von Speck Pumpen presented in his presentation pump innovations. “Modern frequency-controlled pumps require over 50% less energy than normal pumps,” said Ott, “the additional expenditure for acquiring the pump has more than paid for itself in a short time”.
  • Salt electrolysis, an environmentally friendly and skin-friendly process for disinfecting water, was expertly explained by Christopher Mixson of the pool water treatment specialist Sugar Valley in Barcelona. The special feature of this process is the purification of the water with the help of salt.
  • Jean-Louis Matton from Belgian LED specialist Propulsion Systems introduced underwater LEDs. “Already with two such lamps, a pool of 8 x 4 m can be completely illuminated,” says Matton.

We thank all speakers and all participants for their coming and their great interest. “Thank you”. As well as all MIDAS partners, who presented their products and were competent for discussions.

  • Elbtal Plastics
  • Fitt
  • Hugo Lahme
  • Griffon
  • Pahlén
  • ProMinent
  • Propulsion
  • Speck Pumpen
  • Sugar Valley

ASIA NIGHT, that was the motto of this year’s evening event. Four Thai dancers in golden costumes welcomed the guests. After a well-deserved refreshment with an Asian dinner, the varied show program began. The dancers offered traditional Thai dances – including a colorful costume change.

And again this year, the MIDAS Awards were given in the form of elephants, the MIDAS symbol. “Congratulations” to all winners and many thanks for the trust and good cooperation in 2017.

The group Banzai drummed on their Japanese taiko drums (translated as “big drums”), creating a very special atmosphere. After an encore, the day came to its well-deserved conclusion.

A very special “thank you” goes to our customer Ralf Altenhofen. He is responsible for the special grand prize of the tombola in favor of the children’s hospice ”Bärenherz” in Wiesbaden: In the spring of next year, he asks the winner to sit in the passenger seat of his race car during the Ransel Classic, a mountain race in Germany. Please put on the seat belts, the fast ride begins. 2 nights in a 5-star wellness hotel in Mainz for 2 people complete the weekend and ensure perfect relaxation and recreation.

We look forward to meeting all participants next year …

A very special "thank you" goes to our customer Ralf Altenhofen. He is responsible for the special grand prize of the tombola in favor of the children's hospice ”Bärenherz” in Wiesbaden