03 Water heating & Dehumidifiers

The trend and demand for heat pumps is increasing every year. Pleasant water temperatures between 25 ° C and 29 ° C extend this well-being period and invite you to relax. The balanced range MIDAS heat pumps will always cover the increasing customer requirements. The devices should heat effectively and economically, as well work quietly. Your wishes for the full inverter heat pump technology will be fulfilled with MIDAS. You can use the pool with any of our heat pump models or easily retrofit them at any time. The heat exchangers and swimming pool dehumidifiers complete our product range for your own wellness oasis.

MIDAS heat pumps & Dehumidifiers

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Full-inverter heat pump MIDA.Maxx

With the heat pump MIDA.Maxx, MIDA.Boost, MIDA.Force and MIDA.Joy you decide to use the technically advanced solution of the Inverter technology.

In this technology, the compressor speed adapts continously from 20 – 95 Hz precisely to the required cooling or heating demand. Through this effective regulation, a particularly energy-saving and material-saving operation is achieved with a high seasonal performance factor in comparison to conventional heat pumps.

In addition, the heat pump operates very quietly. During the startup process, the inverter technology needs only 1/3 time compared to conventional system.


The MIDA.Black heat pump is available in different sizes from 8 – 26 kW.

• pool volume about 150 m³ (depending on size)
• operating modes: cooling, heating, automatic
• with titanium heat exchanger, excellent suitable for salt water and chlorine

incl. winter cover and flow switch

WIFI-Adapter for heat pumps

Wireless control of the heat pumps with your tablet, smartphone or PC with internet access – at any time and at any place.
Control your pool heat pump with the Midas app. Inform yourself about important parameters water temperature, the operating state or change important settings. This saves energy and protects the environment.

The app is free in Google Play Store or the App Store on iTunes.

Accessories for heat pumps & dehumidifiers

Connection module for link touch, Bypass sets for heat pumps, cable, wintercover and many more.

Pool dehumidifiers

If left unchecked, humidity can cause serious problems. The ideal value is around 55 – 65%.
More than 70% can be seen on fogged windows and walls. This provides a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Under 45% leads to dry air and possible damage to the mucous membranes. With the help of our dehumidifiers you can keep a comfortable humidity of 55 -65%. 230 V/50Hz.

Plate heat exchanger bolted

These plate heat exchangers have been made to heat up warm bathing water. Thanks to the large exchange surface they are suitable for using low temperature heating systems, for example, solar heating systems, geothermal plants, heat pumps and similar alternative and innovative heating systems.

Available in stainless steel V4A/AISI 316 or titanium.