Mounting Parts

The helpers behind the pool wall: Elegant stainless steel skimmer MIDA.Slim Premium or the robust ABS plastic skimmer MIDA.Slim, floor drains, inlet nozzles, wall penetrations - these products are required by every pool. With built-in parts from MIDAS, you opt for sustainable quality, whether made of plastic, stainless steel, gunmetal or bronze.
Our range also consists of mini / wall and wide mouth De Luxe shimmers and extends from suction fittings, accessories for basic plug-in elements to inlet nozzles, floor drains and wall ducts in various sizes.

Product overview

  • Stainless Steel Skimmer MIDA.Slim Premium
  • ABS Skimmer MIDA.Slim
  • ABS Skimmer Mini / Standard / Wide mouth De Luxe
  • Wall Inlets Nozzles, Floor Inlets, Floor Drains
  • Wall Conduits Stainless Steel + ABS
MIDA.Slim Premium
ABS wall skimmer
Inlet Nozzles
Floor drain 90° outlet
Wall Conduit
2“ Floor Drain


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