Dosing Systems & Salt Electrolysis

Crystal-clear, clean and hygienic pool water for pure enjoyment of swimming in your pool: high demands are placed on water treatment in the pool, for which a large number of automated solutions are available. The disinfection of liquid chlorine can be made via the redox potential or the free chlorine measurement.

With salt electrolysis/hydrolysis, a skin-friendly alternative is available. By ozone/UV-C, an additional sterilization is possible. You have the choice.

Product overview

  • Measurement and control unit:
    – MIDA.Sin Pro
    – MIDA.Sin
  • Salt electrolysis:
    – MIDA.Sin Salt
    – MIDA.Low Salt
  • Optional Moduls, Expansion Moduls
  • Poolsalt
  • UV-C Disinfection systems
MIDA.Sin Pro
MIDA.Sin Salt
Mida.Low Salt
UV-C Disinfection Systems