Filters & Pumps

The filter system is the heart of every swimming pool, the water should circulate each day two to three times. And the filter system should fit to the pool size. A variety of filters, pumps and filter media offers the right solution for every pool. Alternatively, there are filter systems-sets in different sizes and performance levels available.

Product overview

  • Filterset MIDA.Deluxe and MIDA.Splitted (Side Mount)
  • Filterset
    – Hose Connection
    – Fixed Piping
  • Filter
    – MIDA.Carbon
    – MIDA.Split
    – Depth Filters
    – Star Serie
    – DIN Serie
  • Filter Media
  • Pumps
    – Frequency Controlled Pumps
    – Self Priming Pumps
    – Bronze Pumps
Filter MIDA.Carbon
Filter MIDA.Split
Filter Star Serie
Frequency controlled filter pump Speck BADU Prime Eco VS, self priming
Jet Swim Unit Model 2000
Bronze Pool Pump