No pool is like the other. For a complete swimming pool piping - no matter in which size or shape - high-quality molded parts made of PVC-U are available. All components are coordinated, dimensionally stable and fit together perfectly. Modern adhesives provide lasting, elastic and secure connections.

Product overview

  • MIDA.Flo Rotary Disc Valves, MIDAS 3-ways Ball Valve 3-way Rotary Disc Valve Electric
  • Equipment for Solar
  • MIDAS 2-way Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, MIDAS Check Valves
  • PVC-U Assortement
  • Flanges, Sealings
  • fitt b-active Plasticized Hard PVC Hose
  • Chlorine-Resistant Tube, PVC Adhesive Hose
  • Pipes PN 10, PN 16
  • Glue, Cleaner, Clamp
fitt b-actice
MIDA.Flo 3-Ways Valve
MIDAS Check Valves PVC-U
Fermit Glue
PVC Flexible Hose