Mounting Parts

Skimmers, drains, inlet nozzles and wall ducts are essential for the functioning of each pool. Built-in parts from MIDAS are available in the qualities plastic, stainless steel, gunmetal and bronze. Quality is important for the components. Styrofoam stones are first choice in pool construction and have integrated the thermal insulation. Swimming pool liners in many designs and colors always ensure the perfect look of your pool.

Product overview

  • Stainless Steel Skimmer Universal, Stainless Steel Skimmer Slim-Line
  • ABS Skimmer Slim-Line / Standard / Wide Mouth Deluxe
  • Wall Inlets Stainless Steel, Floor Inlets Stainless Steel
  • Floor Drains Stainless Steel
  • ABS Wall Inlets, Floor Inlets, Floor Drains
  • Wall Conduits Stainless Steel + ABS
  • Gratings, Grating Plates, Equipment Gratings
  • Swimming Pool Liners
  • Ladders (V4A/AISI 316)
  • Ladders (V2A/AISI 304)
Skimmer SLIM-LINE Stainless Steel AISI 316
2“ Floor Drain
Inlet Nozzle
Pool Liners
Access Ladder (AISI 316)