Water Attractions

Water attractions enhance each pool and create a whole special atmosphere. Elegant design made of high-quality stainless steel - skilfully processed with invisible welds: this quality leaves nothing to be desired. Gentle showers massage the back and provide relaxation. The soft sound of the water creates a special mood and calms the senses.

Product overview

  • Stainless steel Splash Shower Costa, Niagara, Okon, Casara, Cobra, Cascade and Grote
  • Stainless steel Splash Water Pipe Flexi
  • Stainless steel Massage Jet Geyser
  • Stainless steel Air Hydro Massage Onda and Welle
Water Attraction Costa
Water Attraction Flexi Type B – Round 6-Radial
Water Attraction Geyser round
Water Attraction Welle