MIDAS – About us

since 1974

Quality for your pool

MIDAS supports for more than 45 years successful national and international pool customers – and that worldwide in more than 100 countries. Quality and Innovations are our ultimate goals: MIDAS developed and distributed as one of the first provider 6-way-backwash-valves successful.

Our chain of distribution contains the selling to:

  • producers of filter systems for swimming pools
  • wholesalers in the range of swimming pool devices
  • importers of pool supplies and accessories
  • swimming pool and fountain builder
  • companies in the fields of irrigation
  • aquarium/terrarium
  • agriculture
  • system construction
  • water supply
  • heating, air conditioning
  • as well as house technic

The Elephant:

MIDAS symbol of wisdom, strength and social skills

Elephants are – up to seven tons – the largest animals living on land, they have a highly developed social behavior and can carry large weights.

For good reason, we have selected the elephant with its special properties as our symbol.

  • In africa the Elephant is revered as a symbol of happiness and long life: some elephants live 80 years and longer
  • In china the elephants stand for energy, ingenuity and sovereignty
  • In India, Ganesha – depicted with an elephant head – is the son of the powerful god Shiva and conqueror of all obstacles


MIDAS distinguishes itself through resource-saving and cost-optimizing products for individual customer requirements. The continuous improvement and extension of the already existing product range, as well as the creation and production of innovations, serve to simplify and facilitate every process in the swimming pool area.

In addition, MIDAS invests in the development of complete and application-oriented solutions. The key to success lies in MIDAS ' abundance of experience, absolute reliability and especially in its adaptable creativity and the ability to constantly develop new and revolutionary products.

These include among others:

  • the world's first and only 4" 6-way HI-TECH Side mount valve MIDA.3000
  • Pressure & time controlled automatic valves in all sizes from 1 ½" to 4"
  • Portable and computerized MIDAS music fountains
  • Elegant stainless steel products with no visible weld seams
  • Sealing & Adhesive 'Polymer' for direct use under water


Whether individual components or entire systems: MIDAS offers outstanding German quality in accordance with the current market requirements. As the oldest manufacturer of 6-way valves and swimming pool equipment, we distinguish ourselves through professionalism and the people who stand with expertise, experience and passion behind it. These are the ingredients of the international success of MIDAS – forming a strong foundation for the expansion of an already world-wide customer base.

Our customers benefit from over 45 years of experience and expertise, which allow us to meet any requirements specification. We combine branch-specific and market-conform solutions with individual customer wishes to a high quality service.

The headquarters of MIDAS is located in the industrial area of Neuhof-Dorfborn - in the heart of Germany. After expansion, we have invested in a new and progressive location. The spacious office and exhibition space of 400 m square meters combined with an additional 7,000 square meters warehouse, including a modern storage system, serve as the center of our communication, coordination, and as an ideal space to welcome our partners.

The proximity to the economic and financial center Frankfurt / Main and its international airport allows us to ensure the best customer service with fast, reliable and worldwide delivery.


It all began in 1974, when the company MIDAS Pool & Fountain Products was founded by the visionary Otger I. Dulkeith in Germany. Mr. Dulkeith served for more than 30 years as the company’s CEO.

Since 01.07.2007 Elena Jakobson has taken over the management of the MIDAS Pool & Fountain Products GmbH and moved the company, as part of the expansion, in 2007 from Wolfratshausen (near Munich) to a new location in Neuhof. However, after 5 years of management and in the course of further expansion, MIDAS invested in an even greater headquarters.

In the future, we continue to aim to invest in innovative products so that you, our dear customers, can benefit from expert solutions from a single source.

Elena Jakobson (CEO)


  • Middle East since 1979
  • Far East, Asia and Australia & New Zealand since 1981
  • North- and South-America since 1983
  • Africa & Japan since 1984
  • East Europe since 2000
  • India since 2001
  • China since 2007

Midas supplies its products in more than 100 countries!