06 Swimming Pool Equipment

When it comes to swimming pool equipment, you will find everything the swimming pool heart desires. Insulating polystyrene stones for pool construction, swimming pool liners in various colors, protective and heatsupporting pool covers and practical entry ladders.

Our gush showers provide that special something – with the right water attractions, you can upgrade any pool and create a very special atmosphere.  From us you get products with a noble design and high quality made of stainless steel or acrylic glass. A solar shower should not be missing from your pool. A refreshing shower after soaking up energy while swimming is good for the skin.

Swimming Pool Equipment

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Pool linings determine the look of the pool and the area around it. The best way to get a long term waterproof

and easy to clean swimming pool water is to apply a reinfoced swimming pool liner.

We have a variety of color spectrums and combinations for you available. Color, shape, material, surface feel and appearance of the pool liner significantly affect the overall look and decide about the comfort factor.

Reinforced swimming pool liner are the perfect material for the lining of fixed pools of all shapes and sizes in the indoor and outdoor area. Extremely tear-resistant, durable and resistant to weathering, cold, fungi and bacteria. Suitable for any surface.

Anti slip protection for stairs, children pools and walk-through pools. Free of heavy metals and resistant to commercially available swimming pool maintenance and water cleaning agents. Resistant to aging and rot, stabilized against UV radiation, weldable, cold-resistant and antimicrobial.

Accessories far professional installation

Indoor and outdoor pools of any shape and size can be lined with swimming pool lanes. This applies to new buildings as well as to the renovation of existing swimming pools with substrates made of concrete, masonry, wood, steel, aluminum, polyester and slopefixed earth pools up to 60° inclination. The right installation accessories are a must for the pool lining to be carried out professionally.


The (Re)Cover range consists of PVC and polycarbonate tri-extrusion slats in various colors, solar and anti-algae slats. All slats are developed in such a way that they can be used in all situations: above-ground roller shutter systems, installed in the water, for new buildings and renovations.

It is possible to replace individual slats as well as the entire cover and to replace existing pools with (Re)Cover slats. Thanks to their double hook connection, the slats can be rolled up on both sides and can therefore be used in any situation.

In addition, thanks to their click and slide system, they are easy to assemble and disassemble. The slats have an opening in the double hook connection, to promote water circulation and reduce possible algae formation. 

The polycarbonate fins in Mast(eR) and Clean(eR) are manufactured in tri-extrusion. With the TRI extrusion protection, an additional layer is extruded onto the slats. In combination with a UV absorber, the polycarbonate components gain one higher impact resistance and improved UV protection, which is crucial for hail resistance and a longer service life.


Safety covers replace an air cushion cover and its roll-up device,

a winter cover and any other security system.

Thanks to the good perimeter sealing, the pool stays clean in winter as in summer.

Opaque PVC fabric inhibits the development of algae. 100% child safe.


High quality ladders in different versions for different pool types.
Further accessories such as ladder handle arch are available.


Midas has different designs of elegant water attractions.
For the perfect look in the pool.
Made of stainless steel V4A/AISI 316 polished or in transparent acrylic glass with color changing built-in LED/RGB lights!