Elegance meets High-Tech

Heat Pumps & Dehumidifiers

For a relaxing bath in your pool you need the right water temperature. High demands are placed on the heat source: it should heat or cool at low cost, extend the pool season or should be integrated into an existing pool. Modern heat pumps are effective, quiet and cost-effective multi-talents. Heat exchangers and electric heaters heat the pool water regardless of the weather.

Product overview

  • Heat Pumps (heating and cooling function):
    – MIDA.Boost Inverter Heat Pump
    – MIDA.Silver
    – MIDA.Black
    – MIDA.Shine
    – MIDA.Quick
    – MIDA.Public
  • Accessoires for Heat Pumps
  • Pool Dehumidifiers
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Electric Heaters
Heat Pump MIDA.Boost
Heat Pump MIDA.Silver
Heat Pump MIDA.Black
Heat Pump MIDA.Public
Pool Dehumidifier MIDA.Air
Electric Heaters