Put your pool in the right light and realize changing moods above or below the water line. Your imagination has no limits. With classic bulbs or modern LED lights, each pool shines in a wide color spectrum and thus offers completely new design options - from white to all the colors of the light spectrum, including atmospheric automatically running color change. You just have to enjoy it.

Product overview

  • AdagioPRO LED Lights
  • Spectra LED Lights
  • Underwater Lights, LED Replacement Bulbs
  • AdagioPRO Wall Conduits
  • AdagioPRO Face Plates
  • Controls for AdagioPRO and LED Replacement Lamp LPS56 and PLW56-Series
  • LED Underwater Lights
  • Conduit Cable, Tool Set, Cable for Underwater Lights, Deck Box
AdagioPRO LED Lights
Spectra LED Lights
AdagioPRO Face Plates
Underwater Light Complete Stainless Steel
LED Replacement Bulbs
MIDAS Transformers