Pool Cleaning

Whether fully automatic or manual, the pool should be cleaned at regular intervals. Cleaning robots and manual cleaning accessories - at MIDAS you will find an extensive selection of tools for pool cleaning. We supply a wide range of other products that clean the pool. The automatic pool robots, which can also clean the pool walls and water surface, are particularly convenient. Because you only swim longer in clean water. You will also receive various articles on wintering to counteract frost damage.

Product overview

  • Automatic Cleaners
  • Vacuum Heads
  • Thermometer
  • Wall Brushes
  • Leaf Skimmer
  • Water Testing, Pool Testing
  • Floating Dispenser
  • Hoses
  • Tele Handles, Wintering Float & Plug
Zodiac VORTEX PRO RV4550
Zodiac CYCLON X PRO RC4350
Sharkvac XL Pilot
Leaf Skimmer MIDA.Eco
Multi Pool Tester
MIDA.Float Floating Dispenser


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