Filters & Pumps

Only with a properly selected filter system you can be assured of good quality filter results. It is the heart of every swimming pool! The system must be optimally matched to the size of the pool and its hydraulics so that it can be ensured that the water remains in motion. We support you with our MIDAS filters including a large and transparent opening, circulation pumps and filter glass as an efficient filter medium for your pool.

Product overview

  • Filter
    – MIDA.Carbon Premium
    – MIDA.Carbon
    – MIDA.Split
    – Fieberglass Sand Filters
    – Lateral and nozzle
    – MIDA.Bobbin Side Mounted Filter
  • Filter Media
  • Pumps
    – Self Priming Pumps
  • Jet Swim Units
MIDA.Carbon Premium GRP Sand Filter
Filter MIDA.Carbon GRP Sand Filter
MIDA.Split Sand Filter
MIDA.Bobbin Side Mounted Filter
Self Priming Filter Pump MIDA.Aurel
Self Priming Filter Pump MIDA.Pombi
BADU Jet Turbo Pro
BADU Jet Primavera


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