04 Filters & Pumps

With a strong MIDAS “filter & valve & pump” set, you choose the heart of every swimming pool! The filter system must be optimally matched to the pool size and its hydraulics to ensure correct circulation. With our new filters MIDA. Globe and MIDA.Rock according to DIN EN16713 incl. large opening and transparent cover in combination with the efficient circulation pumps up to filter glass as an environmentally friendly filter medium, your pool will be well equipped.

MIDAS pumps & filters for your poolsystem

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MIDA.Globe GRP filter

filter tank with large 400 mm transparent lid (25 mm thick) and 300 mm opening at the top, for quick change of the filter medium

• 500 mm layer depth for and
• made of high quality glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP)
• all installed screws are made of stainless steel V4A and the nuts made of high strength corrosion resistant and nickel-plated brass

MIDA.Rock GRP Filter

filter tank with 270 mm transparent cover and 250 mm filling opening at the top.

• made of high quality glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP)
• 5 year guarantee on the filter container
• all installed screws are made of stainless steel V4A and the nuts made of high strength corrosion resistant and nickel-plated brass

Filter glass

Glass is an environmentally friendly, cost effective alternative to quartz sand. The filter medium is made from recycled glass, so scarce resources do not have to be used. The glass is less dense than sand, requiring 20 % less media to fill the equivalent filter. Glass removes up to 30 % more pollutants than sand.

BADU Jet Turbo Pro

A jet swim unit is the ideal aid for training, exercise and fun. It creates jet currents that are strong enough to swim against.


For wall installation in all pool designs, with prefabricated pools up to a wall thickness of 7 mm, except round pool.
For performance-oriented professional workouts, for relaxation, rehab training, fitness or for fun.

Through a flush-mounted installation housing in the pool, water is drawn in through the panel using innovative propeller technology and returned to the pool with a powerful jet. The system is driven by an efficient, fanless, fully encapsulated permanent magnet motor. The power control as well as the switching on and off takes place via the integrated piezo button or a remote control.

Self-priming filter pump MIDA.Aurel

For max. 500 m3 pools. High flow self priming pump with 1,450 rpm or 2,850 rpm motor, designed for big filtration installations. Equipped with a big capacity strainer in the inlet that among its excellent performance generates a high filtration capacity. Prefilter with a transparent lid that allows easy inspection of the basket. Features standard connection flanges which together with a broad base make the system especially robust. Mating flanges not including (available on request). No possible electrical contact with the water as no part of the motor is open to it.
Use in salt electrolysis: possible. Use in sea water: possible – when fitted with AISl-316 mechanical seal (available on request).