Dosing Systems & Salt Electrolysis

Hygiene and cleanliness are the basis for a pool that is great fun for all owners and swimmers. We have put together environmentally friendly and modern devices for sterilize, disinfection and dosing. These include measuring and control units equipped with comfortable and colored touch displays, salt electrolysis /hydrolysis and oxygen disinfection systems, as well as all expansion modules. Complete units for pool control and water treatment can also be found in this chapter..

Product overview

  • Measurement and control unit:
    – MIDA.Sin Pro Oxygen
    – MIDA.Sin Pro
    – MIDA.Sin
  • Salt electrolysis:
    – MIDA.Sin Salt
    – MIDA.Low Salt
    – MIDA.Salt
  • Optional Moduls, Expansion Moduls
  • Poolsalt
  • UV-C Disinfection systems
Mida.Sin Pro Oxygen
MIDA.Sin Pro
MIDA.Sin Salt
Mida.Control Pro
Mida.Low Salt
UV-C Disinfection Systems


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